Health and Fitness Awareness Bracelets


“It`s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.”



Health and Fitness Awareness Bracelets

The Health and Fitness Awareness Bracelets cost R35 each; consisting of black & silver coloured wooden beads, crystals, a splash of colour with neon plastic beads – and various charm options.

  • Colours: Black, Silver, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow
  • Charm Options: Awareness-Ribbon, Cut-Out Heart, or no charm

Supporting Arms of Mercy – One Jump at a Time!

Arms of Mercy (AOM) is collaborating with Jumping Fitness SA to help bring awareness to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The ladies from Jumping Fitness have a passion for charity, and they will also be using their platform to help AOM with future Awareness Events in Gauteng, and assist with fundraising efforts in aid of our children, various projects and missions.

The Health and Fitness Awareness Bracelets are also available at the Jumping Fitness Studio in Montana, pop in if you`re in the area and come and support Arms of Mercy – One JUMP at a time!

Jumping® is an ideal sport for shaping the body and has many inherent unique benefits, losing weight quickly as well as health benefits. Thanks to the soft fall into the trampoline netting, the joints are mainly spared.

People who regularly take Jumping® exercises work longer, sleep better and feel more relaxed. Thanks to the combination of entertaining exercise, motivating music and specific movements, you categorically experience an infusion of endorphins.

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